Where Does The Time Go?

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy and filled with one trial after another. Just when it seems that things couldn’t get any better, Satan, or someone who works for him, throws a monkey wrench into the machinery. Oh well, I guess that’s how you know you are on track. If you aren’t attracting any persecution, you probably aren’t doing anything for the Lord. That being said, please pray for me as I have to make a few critical decisions over the next few days and weeks.

Our meeting at Harris Chapel Baptist Church here in Caldwell County is going pretty well. The services have been good, but I felt as though the preaching was sort of flat tonight. Sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t. Those matters rest in the sovereign hand of Almighty God. Pray for the meeting as we bring it to a close on Friday night.

I am thankful for my Baptist heritage today. I praise the Lord for those who laid the track that I run on in these days. I appreciate those who “stayed by the stuff” and didn’t jump onto the bandwagon of modernism and worldly, flesh-centered worship. A lot of the great men men who paved the way for us have already left this world. Many others will make their crossing soon. I am not ready to chuck them to the curb. In fact, I am growing more resolute each day in my commitment to the Word of God, biblical preaching and the power of God in His church. No, it’s not time to change lanes; it’s just time to put the pedal to the floor and go somewhere for the Lord.

Your’s in Jesus,
Alan Carr


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