What A Weekend!

This past weekend was a real blessing! I preached to a houseful of young folks on Friday evening and there was a good move of God in the invitation. What a blessing it was to see teenagers shout, pray and testify. We came back on Saturday and I had the privilege of preaching with my son Jesse. He did a good job as usual. The Lord blessed on Saturday as well. Then, we went to Calvary on Sunday. The Lord came by there too. I didn’t get to preach on Sunday morning and we had a great service on Sunday night. Praise His name! I am at Good Hope Baptist Church, which is located just outside of Wake Forest, NC, this week. The meeting got off to a good start last night. The Lord blessed the preaching with a good response from His people. Pray for the meeting the week and pray for the church. They are looking for a Pastor and they are having a hard time finding a preacher. Did you see what I said? They are looking for a Pastor who can preach too. I am hearing the more and more as I travel here and there. Our schools are graduating a lot of men who can administrate and organize the church, but they are not graduating many preachers. God give us a generation of leather-lunged, old-fashioned, Bible-thumpers who will preach the Gospel of grace in the power of the Holy Ghost. God give us Pastors who are also preachers. Anything else may be a contradiction in terms.

Alan Carr


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