Blogging Is Hard Work!

When you first start a blog you are filled with thoughts, ideas and energy for the task. You say to yourself, “Self, surely you can spare a few minutes each day to astound the world with your brilliance, your acumen and your clever use of the English language.” Then life intervenes and you realize that you do not have the time to devote to a blog on a daily basis, nor do you possess sufficient ideas to attract readers to your blog. So, what do you do? You either post when you can, or you abandon the whole idea. For me, the solution has been to post when i can. That is what I intend to keep doing.

So, we had a good Sunday at Calvary. The Lord manifested Himself in a big way Sunday morning, then we ordained a Deacon on Sunday evening. It was a good day in the Lord.

Yesterday, I took our new Associate Pastor to visit some of our shut-ins. He will be helping me with some visitation within the church. That will be a blessing, especially at certain times of the year. Pray for Brother Chad as he begins his duties here at Calvary. On the same note, pray for our out-going Associate Brother Josh Hinson and his family as they move to Brunswick, GA to plant a church there. Sometimes the ministry is a place of transitions. Those transitions can be frightening, but they always result in blessings when the Lord is doing the leading.

Well, I have about a million things to do today, and a million more will appear as I work through those. I would appreciate your prayers.

Alan Carr


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