Good Day Yesterday

Our Lord’s Day services at Calvary were good yesterday. In the AM service we honored our veterans and active duty active duty service members. We have 21 veterans in attendance. I enjoyed that portion of the service. We also honored Brother Hughes Kincaid. Preacher Kincaid is 90 years old. He was saved in 1944 and has been preaching the Gospel ever since. He has served several churches in this area and he is a precious, special man of God. We tried to honor him for his service and we presented him with a Christian flag.

Our services were somewhat somber yesterday. One of our dear ladies was murdered at her home on Saturday and the church was trying to process that situation. Please remember the deceased lady’s sister Phyllis. Her sister was the only family she had. Phyllis needs much prayer in these days. We will have services for Vivian Kincaid later in the week, Please remember those folks in your prayers.

That’s all for today. God bless!

Alan Carr


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