The Ministry Of Grace

We often speak of the grace of God. And rightly so! The grace of God is one of the greatest of God’s blessings in our lives. After all, it was grace that put us in the plan of God before the foundation of the world. It was grace that moved Jesus to enter this world as a man to die on the cross for our sins. It was grace that fixed the redemptive love of God on us and saved us from our sins. It is grace that keeps us in our saved condition. It is grace that deliver us safely home to the presence of the Father. Thank God for grace!

I also praise Him for His grace in my life day by day. During Paul’s struggle with that thorn in his flesh, he received this promise from the Lord, “My grace is sufficient for thee…” (2 Cor. 12:9) That is the kind of grace i am interested in today. Just this week I have seen that grace on so many levels. I have spent some time with a dear lady who’s sister was murdered in a senseless shooting last Saturday. I have seen the grace of God active in her life. I have been spending time with a precious saint of God who is just looking for a place to cross from this world into that world. I have seen his smiles and heard his words of faith, hope and anticipation. That is grace! I have watched his wife minister to him and talk to him about Heaven and how he is going there soon. That is grace! Everywhere I look I see the evident, manifest grace of God. I praise Him for that grace. Every time I see His grace in action it reminds me that when my dark hours come, and they will, He will be with me to comfort me and to help me demonstrate a good testimony to the glory of God. You and I should take some time to praise Him today for His grace in our lives!

I stand in need of prayer over the next few days. At 2:00 today I will conduct the funeral of the dear lady who was murdered last week. Tonight at 7:00 I have a wedding rehearsal. Tomorrow at 2:00 I have the wedding. Sunday I will preach at 11:00 and then we will ordain my son Jesse at 3:00. I am tired already, but I have His promise that His grace will be sufficient for me! Praise His name!

Alan Carr


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