Bible Conference

All I can say is “Praise the Lord!” Our second annual Bible Conference was amazing! Every sermon came to us with the breathe of Heaven on it. I have never heard so many men preach such Christ-exalting, heartrending, and soul-searching messages. The Lord truly met with His people in a powerful manner. As soon as time permits, I will post the audios to The Sermon Notebook Audio page. When that happens, I will post a notice here. I hope you will check back to obtain the messages.

Every service in the meeting was powerful and rich, but the Lord did something very profound on Wednesday evening. During that service the Lord met with His people. There was such brokenness and conviction in the service. It was a truly profound experience. I know the Lord broke my heart and left me weeping at His feet. I praise Him for all He did. I wish I could tell you more about what the Lord did, but it seems to me that it was such a holy time, to talk about seems almost like sacrilege. Mark your calendars. Our meeting next year will be August 2-6, 2009.



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