Great Week of Meeting

We had a wonderful meeting in Tallapoosa, GA with Pastor Alton Stamey and the good folks at Westview Baptist Church. They were vocal and responsive during the meeting and I enjoyed tremendous liberty to preach in all the services. On Thursday, the Lord did something special for the church. The people shouted, testified and used the altars for over 2 hours! We never did get around to preaching, at least, there was no preaching from the pulpit; there was plenty from the pews. It was a great night to be in the house of God! Please pray for Pastor Stamey and the folks at Westview. The Lord is there! Thank you also to Pastor Ken Bowman and the folks at Liberty Baptist Church in Bowdon, GA for allowing Sister Joan and me to stay in their prophet’s quarters for the week. We appreciate you folks!

I am looking forward to being with the good folks at Calvary Baptist tomorrow. I enjoy preaching meeting, but it is always good to get back to Calvary. God is so good to us when we gather at His house and I am thankful.

When the services are over tomorrow evening, My son Jesse, my son-in-law Chad, my grandson Clayton and I will join our wives (an Clayton’s mother) in Pigeon Forge, TN for a few days of rest and vacation. The ladies went ahead on Friday and we will join them when our respective Lord’s Day duties have been fulfilled. Pray for a safe trip.

That being said, I may or may not be blogging this week. It all depends on the Internet situation at the cabin. That’s all for tonight. It’s bedtime here in North Carolina. God bless you all and have a great day tomorrow!

Alan Carr


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