The Meeting In North Little Rock…

is off to a good start! Sister Joan and I had a good flight from Charlotte, NC to Little Rock, AR yesterday. It was the best kind of flight: uneventful! That just means it went up and came down in the right places.

We arrived here to find ourselves booked into a nice suite at a good hotel. The room is spacious, quiet and nicely appointed. Dr. Gerald Parker, the Pastor of Pilgrim Progress Baptist Church in North Little Rock met us at the airport and treated us to lunch. It was a good time of fellowship.

The service last night was lively and well attended. The folks responded well to the preaching and filled the altars at invitation. We had a great evening in the Lord.

Please pray for me as I preach here this week. I had great liberty last night, but the needs of the meeting and the congregation are great. Pray that the Lord might be glorified and that His church might be edified. Thank you for your prayers.



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