Snowy Morning

So, we had a minor snowfall last night. It didn’t amount ot much, but it is here nonetheless. We drove in last night and there were a few spots where the roads were covered with snow , slush and ice, but mostly, they were clear. If you are a student at West Lenoir Baptist Schiool of Ministry, there wil be school today! Be careful, because there will be some slick spots here and there, but we will have school for those who can make it in.

Now, I started meeting last night at the El Bethel Baptist Assembly in Spartanburg, SC. This meeting has been going on since around 1949 or 1950. We had a great service last night. The Lord met with us in a great way and spoke to hearts. I appreciate His presence and His blessings, don’t you? Please pray for the meeting. Ask the Lord to have His way in the services. We need Him, His power and hIs touch in these days. Got to go now and get ready to teach my classes.

Alan Carr


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