I Was Just Thinking

I haven’t blogged in a while, but here is what I have been doing. I preached in Spartanburg, SC last week at the El Bethel Baptist Assembly. I was a very good meeting. The meeting was well attended. The singing was great. The fellowship was wonderful. The preaching, well, it was me, what can I say? I am never satisfied with my delivery or content. At any rate, they enjoyed the preaching and I enjoyed preaching the preaching. Lots of people seemed to get some spiritual help in the meeting. So, we will leave the actual results in the hands of the Lord.

It’s too bad that many churches and church people seem to have so little desire for campmeeting, revival and other special meetings these days. What a great thing it is to gather together with the people of God for singing, preaching and corporate prayer and worship. In our day people seem too busy and too disinterested in old-fashioned meetings. If the trend continues, I will be surprised if revivals, campmeetings and Bible conferences suvive the apathy that has gripped the heart of the modern church. As for me, I will keep preaching meetings as long as God opens the doors, and I will continue to attend meetings as long as preacher keep planning them. I, for one, happen to enjoy old-fashioned meeting!

That’s what I was thinking about this morning. I have cleared my calendar today. I plan to spend the day at home with my dear wife and our grandson. Their here, so I’ve got to go.



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