Getting Ready To Leave For Church

It is Wednesday eveing here at the Carr household and that means on this: church. We have the privilege to gather with the saints of God this evening for the corporate worship of our amazing Lord. I praise His name that I have this opportunity. I will go to His house, meet with them men in the prayer room to pray, sing a song or two, listen to our children quote Bible verses and sing, then we will gather for prayer at the altar, and I will finish the service by preaching a message from the word of God. What’s not to love? I pray that you will have a great time as you gather at your places of worship this evening.

I would ask that you pray for Brother Ron Cooper. Brother Cooper is Pastor of El Bethel Baptist in Morganton, NC. He had five by-passes last Thursday and is recovering. Brother Raymond Spann, Pastor of Grandview Park Baptist in Lenoir, had a heart attack on Sunday and stints on Monday and Tuesday. Please pray for Brother Raymond. Brother Rodney Millsaps, Pastor of Pleasant Hill Baptist in Newland, NC has a 24 year old daughter named Brooke. Brooke has been in ICU in Boone, NC for several days and is at the point of death. Please remember this family. Brother Donald Lovelace, Pastor of Missionary Ridge Baptist in Morganton is being treated for two aortic aneurysims. Please pray for him.

Lots to pray about, but an all-sufficient God to pray to! Thanks for praying!



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