Bible Conference Underway At West Lenoir

The annual Bible Conference at West Lenoir Baptist Church is underway this week. The Pastor of the church is Brother Rick Safriet and Brother James Lockee is the moderator. The main speakers are Evangelist Brian McBride from Indiana and Evangelist J.C. House from Joshua, TX. These men are doing the night preaching. Preachers are being called from the floor in the morning services. Thus far, is has been a great week. Last night, Brother McBride preached from Ruth 3 about Ruth’s relationship with Boaz. It was a powerful, soul-stirring message. Dr. House preached from 2 Kings 5. He preached about Elisha’s servant Gahazi and Gahazi’s choice to take money from the Syrian general Namaan, who had been healed of leprosy by Elisha. It has been a long time wince I heard such a convicting and challenging message. I enjoy hearing both of these men preach. they always have something vital to say and they feed me. So, I am going to get ready and head over that way ion a few hours. I look forward to the preaching I will hear today. If you are in the area, it would be worth your time to come out for the meeting.

Alan Carr


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