Another Week Of Meeting Underway

We finished up our week of meeting with the folks at Solid Rock Baptist in Potters Hill, NC. The Lord met with us and gave us a great week of meeting. I appreciate it when He does that for His church. 

We came home Thursday evening after service and began preparations for our services at Calvary on the Lord’s Day. God met with us in both services. He honored His Word mightily. It is always a blessing when God breaths on the preaching and touches hearts. As I preached about our Lord’s trial before the Jewish Sanhedrin, and about the cruel treatment He received at their hands, I saw grown men around our church weeping. God spoke to hearts and I praise Him for that. On Sunday evening, we observed the Lord’s Supper. It was, as it always is, a special time of worship and celebration.

Last night I began a meeting at Worship Point Baptist Church here in Lenoir. The Pastor is Brother Randy Gibson. We had a great meeting last night and I am looking forward to what the Lord will do for us the rest of this week.

Next week, Lord willing, I will be with Pastor Tony Daniels and the folks at White Plains Baptist in Taylorsville, NC. Please pray for us as we move through this buy season of meeting. If we are in your area, please join us for services. It would be a blessing to meet you at the Lord’s house for worship.



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