Sunday Morning Is Here Again

I just finshed a great week of meeting with Pastor Randy Gibson and the good folks at Worship Point Baptist Church here in Lenoir. The Lord came by each evening and gave great liberty to preach His Word. He blessed the preaching in a wonderful way, and I am grateful. Lord willing, I will begin meeting Monday evening at White Plains Baptist Church in Taylorsville. Please pray for the meeting. Today, I get to go to Calvary Baptist to have church with our people. I miss them when I am away in meeting and I always look forward to getting back. I trust the Lord will meet with us. He always does.

I sat on an ordination council yesterday. North Laurel Baptist Church in Valdese, NC is ordaining Brother Tom Shuford of Psalm 23 Ministries this evening. Brother Tom has been given a unique ministry by the Lord. He ministers to the cronically and terminally ill. You can visit his web site here. Pray for Brother Tom and for His dear wife Terrie.

I pray that you will have a great day in the Father’s house today. God bless!



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