Meeting At Gilead Baptist

I am preaching this week at Gilead Baptist Church in Nebo, NC. Thus far, the meeting has been good. There has been great liberty to preach the Word of God and I am always grateful for that. What makes this meeting different for me is the fact that I was Pastor of this same church for nearly 16 years. Those were good years, filled with many manifestations of God’s grace and glory. He truly blessed our ministry there. It is good to be able to go back and to see old friends and new faces. I appreciate what the Lord is doing for Gilead Baptist Church. Pray for the rest of the meeting.

My daughter Nikki and her husband Chad are in Charlotte for more tests on baby Johanna even as I type this post. They are there for more testing on the baby and for a consultation with a geneticist. We hope to have a little more information about Johanna and her condition and prognosis. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Johanna has been diagnosed with Trisomy 18, or Edward’s Syndrome. Please pray for Nikki, Chad and Johanna as they wait for the Lord’s will for be revealed in their lives.

Thank you to all you who have E-mailed me that you are praying about our situation. I truly appreciate that. God bless you all!



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