Thank God For His Grace

Last Friday morning, Dec. 2, 2011, at 9:40 AM, my Dad Don Carr, was called home to Heaven. Our family stood around his bed as he left this world to go to glory. I want to thank each of you who prayed, called and visited. You know who you are. Most of all, I want to thank the Lord for His grace. There was grace to watch my father die. There was grace to comfort my mother and brother. There was grace to preach his funeral. And, there will be grace for all the days ahead. Thank God for His grace!

I will miss my Dad. He was my friend for 49 years. He as a good father, who loved his family. he had been sick for a long time, but now he is free, and while we will miss him here, I am happy for him, that he is home.

Please pray for my Mom and my brother. There will be many changes ahead, especially for my Mom. Thank you for your prayers!



El Bethel

We had another great service last night at the El Bethel Baptist Assembly. The choir from Casey Creek Baptist Church in Chesnee, SC provided the music for the service. They did a great job. Brother Gary Adkins is the Pastor of Casey Creek. He is a great man of God. I would appreciate it if you would continue to pray for the meeting. I would love to see the Lord move in power for His glory during the meeting. Well, I’ve got to get busy preparing for this evening’s service.


El Bethel Baptist Assembly

I am preaching this week at the El Bethel Baptist Assembly in Spartanburg, SC. We had a great service last night. A group of young people from a church in the area, who go by the name Blood Bought, did an excellent job with the music. I preached from Matthew 17, and the Lord blessed His Word. The El Bethel Baptist Assembly is a camp meeting comprised of several local churches. It has been going on some 60 years. It is a wonderful meeting and well worth attending. The people are very open to the things of the Lord and the Pastors who are involved are good, godly men. I am looking forward to a great week in the Lord. Please help us pray for the meeting as we seek the Lord and His touch. Pray for also as we travel back and forth each day. It is a little over 100 miles each way, so I leave early and get in late. At any rate, please pray for the meeting!


Oh My!

I am in Asheboro, NC this week preaching at New Beginnings Baptist Church where Brother Mark Spencer is the Pastor. I just wanted to stop by and praise the Lord for His power in the service this evening. After a week filled with pain, medications and other problems, and after a Sunday where my throat would not cooperate with the preaching, the Lord truly blessed tonight. I praise His name for how He moves in power to manifest His presence to His people. He honored His Word and we can ask for no more than that! Please remember the meeting this week, and please pray for Calvary Baptist Church also. We need the Lord to do some things for us in these days.

Lord willing, Brother Tom Gilliam will be with us next week for meeting. Please pray for the meeting and come if you can. Brother Tom will preach the Word and he will feed the people of God. If you can’t come please pray. If you and in the Asheboro area this week, please stop the meeting and worship with us. In spite of the problems and situations that arise from time to time, He is always worthy of praise!

Time to take my meds!


Pray for the Meeting in Richlands, NC

I am with Solid Rock Independent Baptist Church for their Spring meeting this week. Brother Rodney Humphreys is the Pastor. Pray that God will give us a good week as we focus on His Word and seek His grace and blessing for revival.

Pray for a special family in Calvary Church. Brian and Jonda Hill are expecting in a couple of months and there is a potential problem with the baby. Please pray that God’s will be done in their lives.


Pray For The Steve Chapman Family

Brother Steve Chapman, a friend of mine for nearly twenty years, passed away this afternoon from complications of cancer. He was just diagnosed seven weeks ago. Brother Steve was the Pastor of four churches in our area. He leaves behind a wife named Rhonda. They had been married for fifteen years. He also leaves several brothers and sisters, as well as a mom who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. It looks as though the funeral will be held Wednesday at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Morganton, NC. Pastors Dennis Carswell and Randy Huffman will preside. Pray for this special family during these difficult days.


Home At Last

We arrived back in America yesterday morning at 8:30AM after a 14 hour flight. I am jet lagged and dealing with a touch of a stomach virus this morning. I will try to post a few pictures from the trip over the next few days and weeks.

I would appreciate all of our readers to help me pray about a special matter right now. I have never seen such a time of outright antagonism toward the Gospel such as I am seeing right now. Pray the God will help me to maintain a right spirit and to continue to preach His truth for HIs glory.


Pastor James Lockee

It has been a while since I have had the time to sit down and write a blog post. Sorry about that. We have our meeting week before last and it went well. Brother Doug Bearden preached under the anointing of the Lord and God used him to help our church. Last week I attended the Bible Conference at West Lenoir Baptist Church here in Lenoir and I received much help in that meeting. Yesterday, I preached the funeral of a man of God name Doc McGuire. He was a faithful preacher of the Word of God and man God used greatly for His glory.

Today, I want to give everyone and update on Brother James Lockee. Brother Lockee is in the hospital in Winston-Salem awaiting open heart surgery possibly on Friday to take care of a couple of blockages and to repair a faulty aortic valve. For updates regarding Brother Lockee’s condition, please visit this link: There is a guestbook you can sign there to let the Lockees know that you are standing with them through these difficult days. Please pray for Brother James, Sister Margaret and their son Charles. Pray also for Liledoun Baptist Church.


February Meeting

Our winter meeting with Brother Doug Bearden has been a real blessing. Brother Doug is the Pastor of Central Baptist Church in Carrollton, GA and he is a truly anointed preacher of the Gospel. He had his wife Mrs. Gail have been with us all week. The preaching has been superior and each night Brother Doug has exalted our Savior. Last night he preached about the scourging our Lord endured the morning He was crucified. I have never heard such a vivid and powerful description of that terrible event. The Lord swept through the meeting and overwhelmed many with a sense of His love, mercy and grace. We wept, we shouted, we bowed before Him in worship. It was an awesome experience. I am looking forward to what the Lord has for us this evening.

As usual, many of our own people have chosen to sit out the meeting. I do not understand that! It seems to me that if your church is providing an opportunity to hear the Word of God and to worship the Lord, you would be in your place. I suppose they are more consumed with their daily activities than they are with the Lord Himself. I suppose they would rather shop, watch TV, taxi their children here and there than go to church to meet the Lord in worship. I will not lie, it bothers me! I am interested in worship. I am interested in serving the Lord. I am interested in moving forward. And, I am interested in doing those things with a like minded people.

Pray for the last night of the meeting. We need God to move among us once again!