Tent Meeting In Vilas, NC This Week.

Last night was the first of five nights under the “canvas cathedral” in Vials, NC. Willowdale Baptist Church and their Pastor, Brother Eugene Braswell, are hosting the meeting. This is the first meeting of its kind to be held in this community. The Lord blessed us last night with beautiful weather and a good attendance. I would guess there were around 75-80 people under the tent. I had great liberty to preach and the Lord blessed at the end of the meeting. Please remember us this week as I travel back and forth and preach each night. God sure has been good to me, opening doors and giving me opportunities to preach, but I have some decisions to make in that arena and I would appreciate your prayers that God would give me wisdom to know His will for my life. Better yet, pray that I will simply walk with Him. If I will do that, I will always go where He intends me to go. That, and nothing more, is what I want for my life. 

Also, yesterday, I attended the funeral for Brother Jimmy Lambert. He is the 99 year old preacher I mentioned in the post yesterday. His funeral service was superb! Each preacher did a great job opening the Word of God and magnifying Jesus. The choir sang “Shouting Time In Heaven”, which was apparently Brother Lambert’s favorite choir song. After the song played, they played a recording of Brother Jimmy talking about his conversion and about that song. It was a blessing to hear his voice and to know that :he being dead still speaks.” Brother Jimmy lived a clean life and left an untarnished testimony. Let us all pray that we will be found faithful to the Lord for as long as we live. I surely don’t want to bring reproach upon the One Who gave Himself for me!

Pray for the meeting this week!


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