A Sad State Of Affairs

For the last day and a half, we have been in Driggs, ID. I never knew this town existed, thus I never expected to spend any time here. All in all, our visit here has been a great blessing. Some of our group needed rest and they have had the opportunity to get it while they are here. Some have been out exploring the area. It is beautiful here, with the Tetons Mountains to the east and the Big Hole Mountains to the west. The Teton River and the Snake River are nearby. Wildlife is also abundant in this area. Moose, elk and deer are very common. The weather is amazing. For you folks back in the south, imagine August at 75 degrees with no humidity. It is wonderful! Of course, winters here are a different story. They have several feet of snow, beginning on September and ending in June.

While Driggs is a beautiful, friendly place, my heart is broken for these people. I have discovered that this area is predominately Mormon. About 92% of the people report Mormonism as their religious affiliation. I did not know this, but Idaho ranks second behind Utah in the number of Mormon congregations, and third behind Utah and California in Mormon population. I also discovered that there is not a fundamental Baptist church in this entire county. The nearest on being many miles away. Back home, Baptist churches, good ones, are everywhere. That is another story here. The spiritual situation in this area is extremely sad. In my opinion, it would be difficult to start a fundamental Baptist church in this area. Of course, I am, and will continue to pray, that God will raise up someone to come to this area and work this field for the glory of God.

Today we will leave Driggs, ID and return to Jackson, WY for the night. Tomorrow we fly home. While this trip has not been what we expected it to be, some good has come out of it already. I have seen 55 people become close over this last week. This should translate into a closer fellowship within our church when we return home. Also, my eyes have been opened to the deplorable spiritual condition of the west. These people ned to hear about the Jesus of the Bible and no one is telling them about Him. They are hear a heresy, but they do not hear the truth. What a tragedy!

Please pray for our continued safety as we travel. I am ready for home!



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