Thought I’d Say Something

I have this desire to blog, but sometimes, I don’t have anything to say. I suppose it is better to say something than nothing at all. So, this morning I am going to say something.

First, I will say something about the weekend. For starters, on Friday my wife and 25 other women from our church went to Greensboro, NC for the Women of Faith Conference. They were there from Friday morning until Saturday evening. From all the reports I have heard, it was a great conference.

While the wife was away, I did very little. I spent time finishing my sermon prep for Sunday. My son Jesse and I went to Boone, NC for lunch on Friday. We had a plate of ribs at a great little restaurant called Bandanas. On Saturday, Jesse and I met Nikki, (daughter), Chad (Son in law), Clayton (wonderful grandson), Mom, Dad, and Don (Brother from Ohio) for dinner at a restaurant in Morganton, NC. We had a good meal and it was good to see my brother.

Sunday was the Lord’s Day. We had good services that were well attended. In the AM service, I began a series of messages from the book of Ephesians. Last night, Luke Brakefield, a young man who announced his call to preach last Sunday, preached his first sermon. He did a great job. I look for the Lord to do great things for, in and through him.

This morning, I am off to teach my class in the Master’s Program at school. Then I will come home, Lord willing, to prepare to preach tonight. I am Mathis Chapel in Catawba, NC. Brother Travis Triplett is the Pastor. Please pray for the meeting.

There you go; I said something! Have a great day and do great things for the glory of God!



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