Strange Days

Yesterday was a strange day at Calvary. The Lord blessed us with His presence in the AM service. Our choir sang and people got some real help. Then a young man in our church stood up and announced his call to preach the Word. I don’t think anyone was surprised, but it still made for a great morning at church. I am also encouraged that there are some talented, godly young men coming along behind my generation. That excites me! Last night, we had a a missionary with us. Brother Tom Shuford, founder of Psalm 23 Ministries, came by to update us on his work. We had a good service. God is faithful to bless us for His glory.

Anyway, yesterday was a good day, but it was a strange day for me on several levels. I won’t go into the feelings I experienced, because I really don’t trust my feelings. For the most part, our feelings arise out of our fleshly natures, and are an unreliable source of guidance. I do covet your prayers as I sense the Lord is doing something in my life. I want to be sensitive to Him and His will.



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