The View From Corolla, NC

Today was kind of a lazy day for us. We slept in and then we read until lunch time. After lunch we rented a Jeep and drove up the beach (Yes, you can drive on the beach here.) looking for wild horses. There is a herd of wild horses just north of Corolla that numbers around 100. There are several small herds actually and we saw two of those herds today. We saw wild horses in Swan Beach and we saw more in Corova. Driving on the beach was a new experience. It was especially fun when we left the beach, went behind the dunes and drove on some of the so called roads in the area. After we finished out Jeep expedition we went to Corolla Park and took some sundown pictures while we nearly froze to death. At any rate, I am posting some more photos from our adventures today, along with a few from yesterday. I hope you enjoy them.



One comment on “The View From Corolla, NC

  1. cwhfdirector says:

    Pastor Alan, I am the director of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, the non profit that is responsible for managing the wild horse herd. Because I receive an alert from Google when anything enters cyber space about the Corolla wild horses, I came upon your blog. You photos of the horses are beautiful but I am hoping that you had a very good telephoto lens when you took them. It is actually an arrestable offense in Currituck County to intentionally get closer that 50 feet. This law is in effect to protect both humans from horses – and horses from humans. We have a terrible and dangerous situation in the summer with visitors attempting to pet, feed, and photograph the wild horses. Although our horses may appear quite tame (they tolerate humans because they see thousands of tourists and tour groups all summer long) they are indeed wild and a vicious stallion fight can break out at any moment – with a human nearby or in the middle. I’m glad that you enjoyed your stay here and hope that you will come back. Please visit our website at for more information on the horses, the ordinance that protects them, and how you can help preserve them for generations to come.

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