February Meeting

Our winter meeting with Brother Doug Bearden has been a real blessing. Brother Doug is the Pastor of Central Baptist Church in Carrollton, GA and he is a truly anointed preacher of the Gospel. He had his wife Mrs. Gail have been with us all week. The preaching has been superior and each night Brother Doug has exalted our Savior. Last night he preached about the scourging our Lord endured the morning He was crucified. I have never heard such a vivid and powerful description of that terrible event. The Lord swept through the meeting and overwhelmed many with a sense of His love, mercy and grace. We wept, we shouted, we bowed before Him in worship. It was an awesome experience. I am looking forward to what the Lord has for us this evening.

As usual, many of our own people have chosen to sit out the meeting. I do not understand that! It seems to me that if your church is providing an opportunity to hear the Word of God and to worship the Lord, you would be in your place. I suppose they are more consumed with their daily activities than they are with the Lord Himself. I suppose they would rather shop, watch TV, taxi their children here and there than go to church to meet the Lord in worship. I will not lie, it bothers me! I am interested in worship. I am interested in serving the Lord. I am interested in moving forward. And, I am interested in doing those things with a like minded people.

Pray for the last night of the meeting. We need God to move among us once again!



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