Home At Last

We arrived back in America yesterday morning at 8:30AM after a 14 hour flight. I am jet lagged and dealing with a touch of a stomach virus this morning. I will try to post a few pictures from the trip over the next few days and weeks.

I would appreciate all of our readers to help me pray about a special matter right now. I have never seen such a time of outright antagonism toward the Gospel such as I am seeing right now. Pray the God will help me to maintain a right spirit and to continue to preach His truth for HIs glory.



One comment on “Home At Last

  1. Scott Honea says:

    Glad God gave you all a safe trip and I hope you get to feeling better. It seems to me that even people that claim to be children of God don’t care about his house, his word or his work. All the bible believeing, God fearing Christians need to be praying for we are seeing things being put in place that will lead up to the mark of the beast. Keep preaching and God will keep blessing.


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