Quick Update From The Road

Joan and I are in Carrollton, GA at Central Baptist Church for their annual Campmeeting. Brother Doug Bearden is the Pastor. The meeting is going so very well this week. The Lord met with us yesterday in a very special way. Brother Milton Martin, Dana Williams and I preached yesterday AM. Last night Brother Ruel Fox preached and Brother Tom Hayes was to close out the evening. That all changed when the Central Baptist Choir began to sing. The Lord fell on the service and some people got some real help from God. While I cannot speak for others, I can tell you that He settled a few issues in my soul. He gave me peace that passes all understanding. I praise Him for that! They sang that song The Anchor Holds. While they were singing, I realized that the waves were crashing and the winds were blowing against the ship of my life, but I could not feel the ship move! I am anchored in my Savior and all is well. Thank God for His ministry of grace to His people. I bless His name. Please pray for the remainder of the meeting. Pray that His will might be done among us for His glory.



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