Oh My!

I am in Asheboro, NC this week preaching at New Beginnings Baptist Church where Brother Mark Spencer is the Pastor. I just wanted to stop by and praise the Lord for His power in the service this evening. After a week filled with pain, medications and other problems, and after a Sunday where my throat would not cooperate with the preaching, the Lord truly blessed tonight. I praise His name for how He moves in power to manifest His presence to His people. He honored His Word and we can ask for no more than that! Please remember the meeting this week, and please pray for Calvary Baptist Church also. We need the Lord to do some things for us in these days.

Lord willing, Brother Tom Gilliam will be with us next week for meeting. Please pray for the meeting and come if you can. Brother Tom will preach the Word and he will feed the people of God. If you can’t come please pray. If you and in the Asheboro area this week, please stop the meeting and worship with us. In spite of the problems and situations that arise from time to time, He is always worthy of praise!

Time to take my meds!



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