Southeast Bible Conference

I am in Tabor City, NC this for the Southeast Bible Conference. Actually, Joan and I are staying in a condo in N. Myrtle Beach, SC this week. (Thanks Chris and Bianca!!) At any rate, the meeting got off to a good start last evening. The music was good and I enjoyed tremendous liberty to preach the Word of God. he Lord moved on hearts and the altar filled us as people came forward to honor God’s call. Please remember the pray for the rest of this week as it unfolds. Pray that souls will be saved, churches will be helped, pastors will be encouraged, the saints will be fed, and above all, that God will be glorified.

Oh yeah, sorry for being away from the keyboard for a while. I just haven’t been motivated to share much lately. Anyway, thank you for your faithfulness to visit we web site, even when nothing much is going on. I am still here and one day I will come back with a vengeance. Until then, I guess you will get it hit and miss, a little here, a little there.



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