Off To Cancun

Actually, we are headed to Puerto Morelos, Mexico for the next several days. You hate me I know, but we are taking some much needed R and R, so deal with it. You can have your frosty mornings, your ice and your snow. I am headed were it is 80 degrees in the daytime and 60 at night. Anywy, pray for us as we travel. I will post pics as time and desire allow.

Well, we survived the infamous body scanner this morning. I figured they could see me in all my glory if they could stomach it. My lovely wife got both thevscanner and the patdown she just had a big old morning of TSA goodness, of course, the TSA agent who administered the patdown indicated that she wasn’t too thrilled about the process either. We laugh, but as we do, our rights as citizens are being eroded every day.

Adios amigos.


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