Let’s Try This Again

I’ve been away from the blog for a long time. My absence was intentional. For some reason, I seemed to have lost my passion for writing blog posts. I think I would like to try it again.

I am preaching this week, actually last night and tonight at White Plains First Baptist Church just outside of Anniston, AL. The Pastor is Brother Eric Snider. White Plains is a church God has blessed. They have experienced phenomenal growth over the past several years. There is a good spirit there, and it is easy to worship and preach at White Plains Baptist. Their Pastor is a tremendous preacher, and the Lord has honored his years of faithful ministry to this church. If you ever preach there, beware! They know their Bibles! That is a such a rare treat in these days of rampant biblical illiteracy.

We had a great service last night. A few hundred people came out to worship, and the Lord greatly helped us. I bless His name for that. Please pray for the service tonight.

Next week, March 7-9, Living Waters Baptist Church in LaGrange, GA will host a Bible conference. Many great preachers will be preaching in the meeting, along with one not so great preacher, yours truly. This is a good meeting. If you are in the area, please drop by for worship. The Pastor if Brother Richard Clinard. Brother Richard is a true man of God, and a powerful preacher in his own right.

Hope someone still stops by these parts. I will be posting some thoughts related to the iPad and about some of the apps I find helpful.

God bless!



4 comments on “Let’s Try This Again

  1. drhudson says:

    Howdy Preacher
    I look forward to your thoughts and ideas on using the IPad. I currently use the IPad 2 in conjunction with my laptop to study and write outlines. However I use my IPad in the pulpit for my outlines and notes. I was wondering if you have any pointers or particular apps you have found that works better than others for this purpose.
    Thanks Preacher

    • Alan says:

      Hopefully, I will post some reviews on the apps I use and make some recommendations about preaching from the iPad. For the record, I love using the iPad to preach. Having thousands of my sermons available for instant access is absolutely wonderful.

  2. Glad you’re writing again, brother. Looking forward to some the good reads here on the blog. Hope ya’ll have a blast at Living Waters. Hate to miss it.

    • Alan says:

      Brother David: Thanks for your comments. The meeting at Living Waters has been good so far. We are looking for great things today.

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