Meeting at McDowell Church

I am preaching this week at McDowell Independent Presbyterian Church just outside of Morganton, NC. Brother Dennis Carswell is the Pastor. We had a great service last night. The Wards sang and I preached a little, the Lord moved and the people responded well. It was a good night. Pray for the meeting. We will continue through Thursday evening.


3 comments on “Meeting at McDowell Church

  1. What is an Independent Presbyterian church? I am an Independent Baptist Pastor on the Canadian west coast. This is the first time I have come across the term.

    • Alan says:

      Pastor, In this case, the church in reference is a Baptist church in every way but the name. The church was deeded as a Presbyterian church, and must remain Presbyterian in name or the property reverts to the donating family. The Pastor of McDowell Church was called under my ministry and he is Baptist to the bone. Hope that helps. Blessings!

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