Wonderful Weekend

Yesterday was a great day for me. We had a good time at Calvary in the AM service. The attendance was excellent and the Lord met with us in a powerful way. I praise His name for His faithfulness!

Last evening we went to Trinity Baptist Church in Valdese, NC. Brother Scott Moneyham is the Pastor and my daughter Nikki, her husband Chad and their son (my GRANDSON Clayton) all attend church there. Anyway, they had a baby dedication for Clayton there last night and they invited us to attend. I did the preaching and we had a great service. All of our family was there as well as Chad’s family, so Mister Clayton was well represented with aunts, uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents. In case you missed it, that little boy is really something else!

So, I am scheduled to begin meeting at Grandview Park Baptist Church this evening. Please pray for these services and come if you can. The church is here in Lenoir.

Last week I asked you to pray for a baby in our church, Abigail Gibson. She is about two months old and she was born two months premature. She has had a lot of health problems and is in the process of dying now. The doctors estimate that 85% of her brain is already gone. At any rate, she and her family stand in great need of prayer today. Please remember them and ask the Lord to dispense grace in an abundant measure. Thank you!

Alan Carr


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