Jackson Hole

We are here. We got into town at about 9:00 PM. We rented 10 vans and set out for our hotel. It’s pretty swanky, too bad we were only here for about 10 hours. This morning we are heading to Yellowstone National Park. Lord willing, we will tour the lower loop today and wind up in Cody, WY this evening. All in all, the trip out here went surprisingly well. Outside of a minor glitch changing planes in Atlanta, and a dispute over van rentals with National Car Rental, shepherding 55 people to Wyoming was relatively tame. Please pray for safety as we drive from place to place. Please pray for the Lord to open doors for us to witness to the lost. Please pray that we will remain civil to one another. You know how it is when you travel with people. The old adage proves true: familiarity breeds contempt. More later, and perhaps pictures, if time allows.

Oh yeah, on the flight from Atlanta to Jackson Hole, Luke Brakefield proposed to Katie Hoover over the airplane PA system. She accepted. So, they are getting married July 2, 2010 on Myrtle Beach. It was a great moment!



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