Yellowstone Part 1

Yesterday we toured the Grand Teton National Forest and the lower loop of Yellowstone National Park. The Tetons were spectacular, especially when seen from the vantage point of Jackson Lake. The lower loop of Yellowstone was beautiful, but it was not as great as I was expecting. The wildlife did not cooperate with us. I saw a chipmunk, a prairie dog and a few ragged buffalo. The ride from Yellowstone to Cody was the best part of the day. Driving through canyons and cliffs with vast mountain vistas was a breathtaking experience. Our accommodations in Cody are less than desirable; but it’s what we have. Today, it is 54 degrees in Cody, and it looks like it might rain. We are going to tour the upper loop of Yellowstone today; hopefully the wildlife will cooperate. I will try to post some pictures this evening, if time allows.


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