Crossett, Arkansas

When our meeting ended in North Little Rock, Ar last week, Joan and I flew home to North Carolina. I arrived back to find several of our people in the hospital. I visited with them and went to a local nursing home to visit with a lady who was in the process of dying. I had no been there more than ten minutes when she passed away. We had her funeral on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, it was a great day. It was youth Sunday at Calvary and our youth taught the Sunday School classes and our youth choir performed the music for the day. They did a wonderful job, as usual. It seems that the Lord always moves in power when they sing, and He did not fail to do so on Sunday. I praise the Lord for our young people.

Yesterday, Joan and I boarded a plane and flew to Greenville, MS. Actually, we took two planes. The first flew us to Memphis, TN. The second, a very small turbo prop plane flew us to Mississippi. The Pastor of Magnolia Baptist Church in Crossett, AR, Brother Michael Griffith, met is at the airport in Greenville and we drove for a little over and hour to the church. We are spending the week in an unused church parsonage. At any rate, we had an excellent service last night. there was a good crowd and great liberty to preach. I praise the Lord for His presence and for all that He did in the meeting. Please pray for us as the week progresses. I am looking for the Lord to do some great things for us.



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