Wednesday In Arkansas

We had another good night of meeting with the folks at Magnolia Baptist Church last night. The Lord blessed the preaching and I am grateful. I would ask you to pray for the Pastor’s wife, though. Sister Chasity has an abscessed tooth that is causing her a lot of pain and swelling in her face. She has been to the doctor twice already and is scheduled for another appointment today.

We are in the town of Crossett, AR. Actually, we aren’t in town, but in the country outside of town. The people here are some of the friendliest people we have ever met. There are some places you go where the people just aren’t friendly at all. A week may pass with just a few people even speaking to you. Maybe it’s my deodorant, I don’t know. Anyway, it isn’t like that here. These folk are very outgoing and welcoming. Nearly everyone in the church has approached us to introduce themselves and to welcome us to their church. That is a blessing! These ladies can cook too! Each evening a different Sunday School class has taken the responsibility for preparing a meal for us. The food has been exceptional. Just good old country cooking. If I stayed here long, I would be an even fatter Baptist.

Pray for our meeting as it continues through tomorrow. I would love to see the Lord meet with us in a powerful way.



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