It’s Hot, Rainy And Humid In Florida

When I left home Sunday evening, it was a pleasant 60 degrees. When I arrived in Florida yesterday at 3:00 PM, it was a balmy 85. I like the cool temps better in North Carolina.

I am here to preach and not complain about the weather. We had a good service last night at Friendship Baptist Church here in Perry, FL. The crowd was down because they had a death in the church and many of the people were at the funeral home. We had a good service nonetheless. If you have a moment, please remember to pray for the meeting and for the Pastor, Brother Ed Taylor.

I would also appreciate prayers for several folks in our church. We have three ladies battling breast cancer, a man with several forms of cancer, a little girl with H1N1, and lots of folks with many other ailments. I don’t think I have ever seen a time when so many people are sick. I look forward to the day when we get to leave this world and all its pain and problems behind. I look forward to the day when all God’s children will be home in His presence in Heaven. I praise the Lord that we have a better place to go!



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